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“It’s the strangest thing to be lost in a world where there’s blood on the street from a man I’ve never seen…who was he to me?”

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– Bob Marley



“I’d rather be a rock star with a law degree, than a lawyer with rock star dreams”

That’s me. I had played music for 20 years. I was a human rights attorney with a dream. Was working from Sweden for an organization called the Human Rights Law Foundation. Had read and seen things in this world that made me cry. We humans are capable of such horrible things. But, I also saw what power music and media could have in turning these things around. From that point on I had but one mission in life. I needed to do music. Use my skills in songwriting and singing to help bring a change to this world. I believe it is needed now more than ever before.

And so, I left Sweden. Bought a one-way ticket to New York. Studied singing and acting for 2 years and worked meticulously on my craft.

I found love in music at an early age when my mom played the records of Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Roy Orbison and their peers. Great music that still plays to this day. Such was the music I heard and such was the music I wanted to create. I got my first guitar at age 13. Wrote my first song at age 14. Started my first band at age 18. Played in some 11 different bands the first 10 years of my career in music. I love being in a band. It was never my thing though. I had to go my own way.

After my time in New York had come to an end I decided to move to Stockholm. I had people there calling me all over the place. It seemed like a good move. And it was. Here I found my label, Grand Music Group and a team of people I previously didn’t know existed but have come to love for their dedication to my art. To me it’s the finest of compliments one can get, when people follow you because they believe in what you do. I hope I can maintain their inspiration all the days we have ahead of us. It’s a ride I most intensely look forward to.

“A light burning inside, a yearning to do whats right…lets start tonight”

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